October 11, 2017 8 PM EST ** SPECIAL TELECLASS

Discover Why Living & Loving Your Purpose Can Exponentially Uplevel Your life & Learn How to Overcome any Blocks we have to doing this.

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August 27, 2017 8 PM EST** SPECIAL TELE-CLASS

Learn the Introductory 3 Key Steps to Start Manifesting Your Dreams Through Sacred Divine Feminine Principles

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September 21, 2017 ** LOCAL EVENT

Detoxing Your Mind, Body and Soul- A Fall Equinox Ceremonial Blessings, Yoga and Acupuncture Workshop

Hosted at SKY HOUSE YOGA in Downtown Silver Spring, MD

Lets come together to spend sacred time removing and consciously letting go of what doesnt serve us. The Fall Equinox is a cosmically energized and natural passageway towards supporting our journey through a soulful, internal "rebirth"  . This passage can be seen as a time to put to death all that which is holding us back from our personal evolution as we move deep within the depths of our own being.   This Workshop will be focused on our Solar Plexus Chakra, Digestive System, and Lungs to release, detox, and finally Expand our Personal Center for New Beginnings to come through.  We will do ceremony, a gentle detoxing yogic asana flow, and acupuncture.


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January 2017 Call:  Emotional Wisdom and Presence

February 2017 Call: Unconscious Belief Systems

March 2017 Call: Self'Love and Compassion

April 2017 Call: Vibrational Scale of Consciousness

May 2017 Call: The Art of Decision Making

June 2017 Call: Embodying Bliss

July 2017 Call: Listening to Your Sacred Heart

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