Raise Your Vibration & Reap The Benefits

“What you do today matters most.” – Buddha


What is Quantum Coaching - and more importantly - what will it do for You?

Quantum Coaching delivers the rapid ability to get to the root of issues, setbacks, drama, blocks in your life in order to remove them or minimize them to create a sustained vibratory level where things that you actually want in your life can manifest in physical form for you.  

This happens at a quick pace because of the intuitive ways in which I locate the blockage in your energy field, the quantum healing and wisdom channeled help from Divine Feminine Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm (such as Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Green Tara to name a few), the powerful and instant Breath of Life healing force I have gracefully been gifted, and then all of my knowledge and wisdom from my coaching and spiritual trainings and studies to help explain the shifts and the stuckness. 

ALL of this raises your vibratory state to resonating at the place were things that you actually want also exist.  If you are stuck in some never ending cycle of drama -- wouldn’t you want to release that belief/blockage from your energy field so you can move on from it? To live higher than that field so you can experience life and circumstances in a new way?  Personally, I would! In fact,  I could think of nothing greater! 🙂 

I love working in this way because it is powerful and it empowers you.  Not only does it raise your consciousness considerably, but also the planets.

I have seen my clients have windfalls of money come to them seemingly out of nowhere, get raises and elected into positions of great visibility and importance even when they had no prior experience, transition out of marriages, significantly heal and improve marriages, heal emotional imbalances such as panic stricken anxiety and Major Depressive Disorder, heal digestive disorders and painful "chronic" migraines, embark on new career paths and create sustainable business ventures.

Your personal vibratory state matters more than you think.

Specializing in helping people become a Magnet for attracting the life, love, health and wealth they most desire. 

Lets Start Syncing up to the Life You Deserve. 



SINGLE Clearing, Expansion & Upgrade SESSION


6 Session Package

(Great for one specific area area in your life to create lasting transformation.)


"LIVE YOUR LEGACY" Quantum Coaching Program Packages

For a Dream, Vision, Goal, to step into a new version of Yourself and The Life You Want(think 6-9 months)



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All Sessions are conducted over the phone.

If you live locally in the Washington DC Metro Area and would like an in-person session we can certainly discuss this option.